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In-Depth Post #5

The past few weeks of In-depth have been my most productive yet, and I’m not slowing down anytime soon. On my own time, I have gotten my hands on a sketchbook and I spent much of my spring break and… Continue Reading →

Is Canada a Post-National State, a country, or a nation?

Canada is a country because we are globally acknowledged as a country and we have legal borders recognized on a map. Firstly, every person in Canada has different values and beliefs depending on their region, which means that Canada consists… Continue Reading →

In-depth post #4

This week in In-depth my mentor helped me learn the breadth of my skills and practice some baseline techniques. This left plenty of time for discussion as we were doing our makeup. We worked on basic principles of makeup theory,… Continue Reading →

Romeo and Juliet Act 2 critical response

1: Love requires a connection on the emotional level. Based off our readings of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet so far, I agree with Jindra Kulich that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is an example of puppy love. Every interaction between… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #3

During the past two weeks of In-Depth, I have spent the majority of my time preparing, organizing, and practicing. Before I get further into the swing of completing looks on myself and other people, I need to be fully confident… Continue Reading →

In-depth post #2

Over the past two weeks I have talked briefly with my mentor and started formulating plans for designs, as well as looking for ideas as to how to format my final artifact. Unfortunately, last week when my mentor and I… Continue Reading →

Zip Final DOL

For Zip this year, I asked myself this question. What are some of the ways one could begin to write a novel? I felt drawn to this question and this topic because I have always loved creative writing, and I… Continue Reading →

In-depth Introduction.

For In-depth 2019 I will be continuing with my topic from last year, makeup artistry! I am doing this for two main reasons. The first is that I thoroughly enjoyed my first in-depth and the expertise I achieved over its… Continue Reading →

Zip #3

With my newfound knowledge of story-writing and story structure I would give my past self some advice at the beginning of ZIP. I would want to tell myself that: “Even though you are going to find many amazing resources, and… Continue Reading →

ZIP #2

A specific source of information that has proved helpful to my inquiry is a specific website/blog written by Randy Ingermanson that details something called the snowflake technique. The snowflake technique is a step-by-step process for story planning. It begins with… Continue Reading →

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