In-depth is only a few weeks away!!! I’m so excited to share my newfound knowledge with all of our guests and finish off my TALONS experience with a bang. Over the past few weeks I have done so much, including scheduling multiple meetup times for my friends and I, successfully doing their makeup, making plenty of new designs and working on amalgamating all of my products into one book. Additionally I have met up with my mentor twice, going over eyeliner, eye-shadow, lashes and lips, meaning I finally have the knowledge to complete a full face look.

These past months that I have spent with her have been so incredibly insightful and I recognize how extremely lucky I am to be working with her. My mentor has been amazing, and she has taught me so much about her passion. During our sessions, she will sit with me as we work through a makeup look whether that’s on myself, her, or one of my willing sisters. While I’m working she will always come up with alternatives to what I could do next, or what I could change about my current technique.

Ex: How do you think this would look if we were to use a brown liner rather than a black?

As opposed to:

“Use the brown liner, it’ll look better.”

While I’m working she will often give me tips surrounding how to make the work easier for myself, such as:

“If you move around your canvas you’ll have a better view of all the angles than if you were to sit in front of them.”

As opposed to:

“Get up.”

This level of constructive criticism allows me to explore my own creativity without worry of “messing up” which makes our meetings less intense and allows for a better exchange of ideas. Even so, there are times where I don’t agree with her assessment, and she is quick to encourage me when I do, such as if I want a purple lip rather than a red. Our entire time working together has been about learning alternatives, because before now, makeup has been nothing but an art medium to me, yet now I have the ability to actively see its effects on the people who wear it, and how it makes them feel. Learning about this entirely new perspective has added so much meaning to my project, and I am very grateful for that. Though I realize learning from a trained professional might have taught me more, working with Terri gave me the outlook of someone who wears her makeup daily, and has a completely different viewpoint. additionally her experience as a mother contributes to her beliefs surrounding makeup, and her will to support self- esteem in young kids who want to wear makeup was something that I didn’t experience last year with special effects.

With in-depth night just around the corner, I am still working on my presentation. Similarly to last year, I will be wearing makeup of my own, as well as showing my book, which people may look though and ask questions about. I’ll be bringing with me a portion of my makeup, and depending on the traffic at my center hopefully I’ll be able to do some of my performing friends makeup as well. The most exciting part of my presentation (for me at least) though will be getting to talk to people about everything that I’ve learned and been through over the course of this journey.

I can’t wait.