The past few weeks of In-depth have been my most productive yet, and I’m not slowing down anytime soon. On my own time, I have gotten my hands on a sketchbook and I spent much of my spring break and the following week drawing up designs for looks on other people.



These are a few of the designs out of the many I have, all are aimed at individual models.

Additionally, I’ve been implementing a few of my draft designs and mismatched ideas into looks on myself and my sister that have turned out beautifully. These random designs give me the opportunity to come up with new designs and ideas to record, and are a great way to work my free time into my in-depth.


With my mentor I learned about the proper application of base makeup like concealer and foundation and how it varies from person to person what kind to use, and how much to apply where.



above is a picture of me after thoroughly washing my face without any makeup on.


And now is a picture of me with concealer applied on the left side of my face, showing the difference in colour between the two under-eyes.


And above is both under-eyes with concealer applied. You can see the slow progression of the darkness under my eyes disappearing.



The above photos show the different colours that we tried out on my face before we finally came to the right tone. In this lesson I also learned that swatching should happen on your neck, rather than your arm as your body is often a different colour than your face due to sun exposure.

I also learned the correct face-washing technique that all people (not just makeup artists) should use.

Next week we’ll be moving onto eyebrows and possibly contouring which I’m extremely excited for. I’ve really appreciated the value that my mentor places in enhancing our natural beauty rather than just putting on the same face as everyone else wearing makeup in the world. So far, our meetings are running well, except for a few scheduling mishaps and I’m excited for our next get-together.

My goal for the next few weeks is to start compiling all of miscellaneous ideas and current designs into the actual sketchbook and schedule a few get-togethers with my models. I’m enjoying In-Depth as much as ever and I’m getting more excited by the day for In-Depth night. See you in the next and final post!


Different hats transcription

Ft. Terri Besworth and Leah Egery-Haley

*anything in quotes is what is defined by the following hat*

Terri: “So, how do you usually prep your skin for makeup? I need some kind of starting point.” (Blue)

Me: Water? Maybe some soap, or a makeup wipe if needed. I’ve never really used primer, I haven’t seen a difference when I do.

Terri: Good, good, Yeah that’s generally a great idea, but If you’re doing this regularly you’re going to break out. “All those oils and powders get into your pores and bad skin makes for bad makeup.” (Black)

Me: Good to know, what do you generally use?

Terri: I brought a few of my face cleansers, as well as some samples.

Me: So, we’re going to go wash my face?

Terri: Absolutely! “Skincare is the most important step, so we can’t just use water!” Where’s your washroom? (White)

Me: Okay…let’s do it! Right down the hall

We go and wash my face, very thoroughly

Terri: Trust me, you are going to see a world of difference.

Me: Okay, so what’s next! My skin feels suitably clean.

Terri: “I thought we could work in increments, so by the end of our sessions you will have all of the skills you need for a full look. So like, start with the base, and then move to brows, then eyes, then lips?” (Yellow)

Me: That sounds awesome, so we start with primer then?

We do moisturizer and primer

Terri: now we get to learn how to use concealer properly. With our bases it’s important to find a good match, and coverage.

Me: Oh wonderful. That’s actually great timing, “The foundation I have right now is way too pale for me.” (Black)

Terri: Exactly! Here, I have a bunch of different types of concealer here, just your average regular concealer, a powder concealer, and a CC cream. (colour correcting cream)

Me: “So how do we find out which to use on me? Or for that matter, the other people whose makeup I’m doing?” (White)

Terri: Test them! Trial and error. It’ll take a few times but eventually you’ll get it down. “Anyway, for you I want to start with the regular concealer, because the powder does nothing but create tiny wrinkles in your face.” And you have beautiful, young skin, which we should be taking good care of. (Yellow)

Me: I can safely say I have never had my skin complimented before.

Terri: It’s true though, and that’s probably the biggest thing I want to get across to you in your project. You don’t need much. For someone like your sister I wouldn’t even use a concealer, maybe just a bit of moisturizer.

Me: “I’ve never understood that, why people will just cake on makeup, I have to do that for dance competitions and its just awful. And that can’t be good for your skin.” (Black)

Terri: That’s what makeup is for some people, just a cover-up.

Me: “But makeup should be to enhance what you already have!” (Red)

Terri: Exactly, right, right. Look

Takes concealer brush and applies tiny amount under my eyes.

Terri: That’s all you need. Here just blend that in. We’ll put the CC cream on the other side and compare them.

Me: “Are you sure I don’t need more?” You can still see my eyebags. (Green)

Terri: We’re trying to brighten your face, not erase it. That looks really good actually, this is pretty bang on your colour. Do you still want to try the CC cream? “I feel like that might be pretty on you.” (red)

Me: Why not? It just looks like it’ll be a bit more full coverage.

I apply the CC cream.

Terri: Ooooooooh. You know what I might actually like that one more. It’s just a bit more dewy. “I feel like that might be the one.” (Red)

Me: Yeah, that works really well, Wow. “Do you think I might be able to use just concealer to reshape someone’s face without really contouring? That might be a cool concept for one of my looks. This section of my face already looks higher up.” (Green)

Terri: I don’t see why you couldn’t. “Let me know if you do, that would probably be really neat.” Alright let’s get a picture, and then we can get started on eye priming. (Yellow)

Me: Nice! Thank you!

Terri: my pleasure, this is fun! I get to do makeup on someone new for a change.