This week in In-depth my mentor helped me learn the breadth of my skills and practice some baseline techniques. This left plenty of time for discussion as we were doing our makeup. We worked on basic principles of makeup theory, different shapes for applying eye shadow such a cut crease, smoky eye, or halo eye and contouring, highlighting and strobing. While practicing these techniques we talked about her career in makeup and more about why my mentor does what she does. I recorded a few of my questions and her answers,

  1. What is your philosophy surrounding makeup? Just for beauty? Confidence booster? Creative medium?

A: “I believe that makeup is used differently by every person. It isn’t accurate to put a blanket statement on every person who uses makeup, because you might use it to cover a scar, enhance your cheekbones, or as you mentioned earlier, become a zombie dragon. […] If using makeup makes you happy, then I believe it’s a good use.”


  1. How did you get into makeup, and what made you want to continue with it?


A: “Before I worked at Arbonne (her company) I was a pharmacist and medical rep. My last job that I had before working in makeup was Botox. I wanted to continue with makeup because I had become quite aware of what people were putting into their bodies via their skin you know? My companies health oriented views are something I identify with, and spreading awareness about them is the main reason I love my job.”


  1. What do you believe are some of the negative aspects of the makeup industry?

A: “The Makeup industry is damaging in a lot of ways. So many young people don’t realize how much makeup they are putting on their face when in reality all they need is moisturizer right? There are also all these standards that come with media today about how you have to look when you wear makeup that are just so unrealistic!”


When pressed she added

“The amount of plastic pollution from the makeup, it’s packaging, and it’s production is another issue entirely.”


As this was a common interest we spent much of the rest of our time discussing plastic pollution, during which I showed her my TED talk from last year. These questions allowed me to learn more about her and connect with her on other topics related to my in-depth. I’m already excited for next week.

In project related news, I completed my first design template and palette and used it’s ideas to create two similar looks. I faced a couple bumps surrounding my grasp of portraiture, but these lead me to deciding that in the future I will only be drawing the part of the face that contains the most detail in a piece. The next few weeks will be spent doing this same thing until I have a small portfolio of my work on myself, and I feel comfortable enough to begin working on other canvases.

Overall this week has been extremely successful, and the future is still looking bright for this project.