During the past two weeks of In-Depth, I have spent the majority of my time preparing, organizing, and practicing. Before I get further into the swing of completing looks on myself and other people, I need to be fully confident in my basic skills. I have returned briefly to SFX and regular makeup, practicing spirit gum and wax adhesion, as well as bruising and blood application techniques. Building up the muscle memory of something like highlighting and contouring, or lash application takes a lot of practice, and if you have a strong foundation, the entire project will end up looking better.

Why I’m mentioning this may seem confusing, but the reasoning behind this is that without fundamental basic knowledge of basic makeup techniques, you will never be able to create a cohesive, smooth look. I don’t want my canvases to be blindly trusting me. It is important that I know the extent of my skills enough that people feel comfortable relying on me without worry of what is going to happen.

On top of practice, I have spent a lot of time organizing my makeup and taking inventory of the colours and materials I possess. A messy or limited work space can hinder an artist, as well as disappoint if I were to organize and entire design only to realize all to late that I don’t have enough green.

My goals for the next two weeks are to plan out my first 3-5 designs, and possibly execute 2-3 of them. Once the planning process is complete I can really let go with creativity, but until then, it’s important that all of the preparations are taken care of.

The second, more exciting part of my last two weeks has to do with my mentor. She and I met up for the first time in person last week and we spent about an hour and a half just talking. She is honestly one of the kindest, most amazing people I’ve ever met, and I’m beyond thrilled to finally get to start working with her. We spent most of our time expanding on our previous telephone conversation which really allowed me to recognize they concepts of agreeing and disagreeing from How To Have A Beautiful Mind.

As previously mentioned, my mentor works for a makeup company who is dedicated to healthy, and eco-friendly products. Many of their beliefs are similar to mine, that makeup shouldn’t harm you and that the environment has to be protected in any company’s makeup production. After this is where our opinions diverged.

Many of the facts and reasoning that my mentor and her company were talking about seemed somewhat redundant, nonsensical, or in a few areas downright wrong. As a scientifically minded person, the struggle of not biting back and being able to respectfully disagree was difficult. This proves once again that In-Depth provides us with valuable skills that aren’t necessarily directly related to our project.

Nonetheless, our conversation was wonderful, full of anecdotes, stories and ideas. I’m excited for next time, where we will start working with makeup and hopefully be able to continue more interesting philosophical cosmetics conversations, and continue to build our mentee/mentor relationship