With my newfound knowledge of story-writing and story structure I would give my past self some advice at the beginning of ZIP. I would want to tell myself that:

“Even though you are going to find many amazing resources, and so many awesome strategies to write your story, the best thing you can do is to get started. You have an idea, so pick a strategy that makes sense to you and get going.”

If I had thought about this before I started I could have saved a lot of time for actually writing, as opposed to just researching through endless blogs telling me the same thing in different words. Funnily enough, one of the biggest pieces of advice I found on said blogs was to get your ideas out on paper and then structure your story around your ideas.

I have taken this advice to heart and am just getting my first draft finished, along with character documents, and the “10 second pitch” all still following the snowflake method of writing.

I’m looking forward to closing up the story and getting started on editing, and fleshing out the storyline.