A specific source of information that has proved helpful to my inquiry is a specific website/blog written by Randy Ingermanson that details something called the snowflake technique. The snowflake technique is a step-by-step process for story planning. It begins with creating a summary sentence of your story, then expanding that sentence in to a paragraph and then moving onto character development. The character development process involves describing your character and their wants/fears, then writing out their conflicts and their main purpose in the story. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten, but the next step is to actually start writing your story, which I am extremely excited about.

I find the Snowflake method helpful as I appreciate having a fully laid out process for my writing. It makes it easier to stay on track and follow my schedule. Additionally, breaking the project into bite-sized chunks makes the whole thing seem a lot more manageable and it helps to reduce distractions, as there are rules that you are required to follow.

I am looking forward to finishing up my research today so that I can finally get into full throttle writing. I now have the barebones skeleton of my notes finished and am excited to flesh them out into a living, breathing, story.