For the past two days, the majority of what I’ve done has been research-based. Many of the resources online surrounding how to write a novel are blogs or advice websites by other authors. Something I’ve found as a commonality between a lot of these sources is that the first thing every author says is:

“This method works for me…”

And it’s true, not everybody is compatible with the same writing or organization techniques, as our brains all work in different ways. Because of this, I have decided to slightly adjust my timetable. As there is such an abundance of resources which contain valuable techniques, I will be extending my research period to the end of the week. This will allow for me to synthesize and deeply study as many different styles of story planning as I can, which will give me a broader knowledge and perspective on how best to complete my ZIP project. Otherwise, my project schedule will stay the same, as I believe that the rest of my timetable is attainable with the current pace I am moving at.

These are just a few of the sources that I have found helpful so far in my inquiry.