“What are some of the ways one can begin to write a novel?”

For my ZIP project this year I chose this question because I feel that though I absolutely adore creative writing, and putting my ideas onto paper, I could be a lot better at it. Specifically, making a story that is just as interesting to the story’s audience as it is to me. I’m very excited to pursue this topic, as it is genuinely something that I enjoy doing, hopefully this will encourage me to treat it as more than just an assignment. However, I won’t be starting with a blank slate. This will not be my first time writing an original story, though it will be much more intense this time, and hopefully the product will display the research that I conduct. Because of the time frame, I will most likely not be able to complete an entire story, though I am building off of a previous idea, which should allow me to at least write a few chapters. I’m already aware of many preparation strategies, as well as being quite passionate about topics such as character development. That being said, I often struggle with plot design and formatting a story so that it flows well, which is a necessary component to creating a story that people will enjoy reading. Over the course of this project I hope to enlarge my knowledge of plot organization, character development, flow, clarity, brevity and the editing processes that go into writing a novel. Other than Mr. Morris, My sources of information will include: fellow students, both for peer editing and general advice and past English teachers, with whom I have done story writing before. Another source I will be utilizing is the internet, as there is a vast wealth of knowledge from authors who have shared their expertise to their fans and other aspiring authors in the world. During the presentation portion of ZIP, I will be sharing my learning and research in the form of my story, of which I will read sections to whoever is at my station. Additionally, I will bring in all my planning sheets and diagrams and possibly my edited copies, so that I can show them the process from start to finish.

I am extremely excited for this project, as writing a novel with the story line I have in mind has been on my to-do list for as while, and this project is a wonderful opportunity to finally get to it. I have already started the story in a way, as in our short story unit, I wrote what will most likely turn into the prologue of this novel. This should give me the starting point I need to write this story which is surrounding an issue that I am quite passionate about already.

The following is my plan for the next few weeks:

Jan 8th Research story writing techniques
Jan 9th Finish research
Jan 10th Create character documents,


Jan 11th Freitag’s pyramid
Jan 12th, 13th Write rough draft
Jan 14th editing/ Peer edits
Jan 15th Editing
Jan 16th Start second draft
Jan 17th Finish second draft
Jan 18th, 19th, 20th Final revisions/ editing
Jan 21st  22nd 23rd Finish good copy
Jan 24th 25th Finishing touches

Lets go ZIP!