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Month January 2019

Zip Final DOL

For Zip this year, I asked myself this question. What are some of the ways one could begin to write a novel? I felt drawn to this question and this topic because I have always loved creative writing, and I… Continue Reading →

In-depth Introduction.

For In-depth 2019 I will be continuing with my topic from last year, makeup artistry! I am doing this for two main reasons. The first is that I thoroughly enjoyed my first in-depth and the expertise I achieved over its… Continue Reading →

Zip #3

With my newfound knowledge of story-writing and story structure I would give my past self some advice at the beginning of ZIP. I would want to tell myself that: “Even though you are going to find many amazing resources, and… Continue Reading →

ZIP #2

A specific source of information that has proved helpful to my inquiry is a specific website/blog written by Randy Ingermanson that details something called the snowflake technique. The snowflake technique is a step-by-step process for story planning. It begins with… Continue Reading →

ZIP #1

For the past two days, the majority of what I’ve done has been research-based. Many of the resources online surrounding how to write a novel are blogs or advice websites by other authors. Something I’ve found as a commonality between… Continue Reading →

ZIP proposal 2019

“What are some of the ways one can begin to write a novel?” For my ZIP project this year I chose this question because I feel that though I absolutely adore creative writing, and putting my ideas onto paper, I… Continue Reading →

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