People are their own worst enemy

You are the only person in the world who has access to the farthest depths of your own brain. We know everything about ourselves, everything we’ve ever done, been and thought. Because of this, every person has the potential to be their own worst enemy.The perfect nemesis is often thought to be your opposite, yet when you are attacked by someone who is the same as you, you can’t win. You are equal. This equality, and this lack of power from either side leads to a constantly raging battle between your thoughts, your feelings and you. The hardest part of dealing with yourself is that you can never truly beat your own mind. It takes a lot of hard work to love every aspect of yourself, because you know the full picture, and any flaw you can view is amplified tenfold until it becomes an insecurity. Your brain has the ability to blow anything out of proportion until it seems unmanageable. Doubt in yourself and your abilities is almost always more difficult to overcome then external obstacles, and often metal challenges are harder than the physical. Despite all of this, people can still overcome their own self doubt and live their lives happily, yet given the chance, the darkest parts of our imagination will take any opportunity to come through. Whether or not we let it be that way, there is no doubt in my mind that our minds, though extraordinary, have the potential to become our own worst enemy