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Month October 2018

Harrison Bergeron

I believe that the most effective medium through which to view the story of “Harrison Bergeron” is text, the short story written by Kurt Vonnegut. My main reasoning for this point is this: reading a text allows you to expand… Continue Reading →

Eminent introductory blog post

“Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated” ~Rosalind Franklin~   Rosalind Franklin is one of the unknown founders of modern-day genetics. Her research and findings were the reason that those who we know to be the geniuses… Continue Reading →

The Danger Of A Single Story

Why should we begin to try and reject the single stories in our life? Perspective is a magical thing. It can recreate worlds, turn politics on its head and transform people and places into more than they originally were. We… Continue Reading →

Sabriel novel study. First 1/3

The first scene in which Sabriel impressed me was actually the first in the book, where she finds one of her classmate’s (Jacinth’s) pets, a rabbit, killed after being run over and eventually makes the decision to bring it back… Continue Reading →

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