Bonjour Mes amis, Je M’appelle Sir George √Čtienne-Cartier I would like to finally speak on behalf of my beloved Canada east. It has always been of the utmost importance to me, that we, the French Canadians in this land, have the ability to protect and preserve our beautiful culture. This was one of the biggest hesitations for us, with the threat of you Protestant British taking over with the completely unfair concept of representation by population, or a ridiculously overpowered national government.


Alongside this, we were among the first people to come to this country, and we refuse to lose the land that we helped to cultivate. We have no will to become americans, no will to join them after witnessing the fighting from the south. However we would be lying if we said that we had no fear of annexation and their convoluted ideas of manifest destiny. As my friend Mr. Mcgee has already outlined, the protection and defense that we would acquire by confederating is highly desirable to us.


My colleagues, Sir Galt and Sir Tasche, may he rest in peace,

Have already made it clear how this confederation could harm us if everything went in favour of Canada west holding all of the political power. It is crucial that political power is balanced between the individual groups of canada, or else we will be dealing with conflict forever. We have been stuck in a political deadlock for so long, it is almost hard to imagine a different outcome. However we do believe it to be possible.


After all of our consideration, I am pleased to announce that I, as a part of the great coalition have managed to convince my colleagues to confederate into the great nation of Canada. We truly hope that those of you on the fence will follow our lead and do the same, as this will lead us to a bright future, full of economic prosperity as my dear Ms. Cuvillier already mentioned, free trade, and a beautiful and diverse people.

We do have conditions, as not everything can be simple. For fear of losing this diversity that we so value, we request that this incredibly powerful federal government be partially amended to allow for smaller provincial governments to take some of the earlier mentioned political power.

As you should know, Mr. Macdonald has a beautiful vision, a country stretching from sea to sea. I share this vision, yet now, have we both seas? Non we do not but that can change, and I intend to make sure it does. We shall unite the west coast, the prairies, and the north, with a railroad that spans our new nation. I hope we can see eye to eye on this.

Merci mes amis, Felicitations! (raise a glass for a toast)