During the last two weeks I have been focusing on working on designs for future looks. The time that goes into creating a look and taking it off is very challenging to incorporate into my time frame, so I have decided to draw everything up beforehand. Regardless, I have done a few things, including a step by step look at how I created a basic large cut. I also got the chance to do another slightly more traditional look, with lip art and eyeshadow.

My goals for the future are to get some of my own supplies, as my extremely kind mentor has so generously lent me hers, but I obviously can’t keep them. My mentor and I are in the process of planning a trip downtown to a special effects studio so that I can get my own materials to work with. However, our plans have had to be postponed because of her daughter becoming sick. Now, she’s on her way to recovery and we are on our way to finalizing a date.

I have also been planning out my learning center, as it would be difficult for me to perform makeup in a minute. I am planning on printing out photos and putting them up on a poster board around me. Additionally, I will be bringing some supplies and doing some live examples on a few of my friends, or anyone else who volunteers. I will of course, be wearing makeup to the evening, however I currently have a few things that I’m trying to decide between. I will not be doing something gory on my face, just in case of there being younger children around. I’m extremely excited for in-depth night both so that I can show what I’ve done and so that I can see what everyone else has done.



(If you’re interested in how I did this one, look for my tutorial post! 🙂