During my last meeting with my mentor we worked to combine all of our skills that we have previously practiced to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Skin rips!

Something that I have found while working with special effects makeup is that there is a lot of overlap. Doing something as simple as colouring or cutting differently can completely change the outcome of the look. An example of this is skin rips, tears and gashes. The technique that is used for all three involves layering strips of paper towel and liquid latex together with a sponge and then using a small blade or scissors to cut through all of the layers. Depending on how you cut you can have ragged edges or clean edges. The cut that my example photo is displaying is more of a clean edged cut.

I am very proud of how this piece turned out, just because it’s one of the most realistic that I’ve done, and I’ve actually managed to convince a few people that it’s real. I will be creating a few variations of this technique, just to try them out. I am currently working on using these strategies to try and create pieces that can be used more than once as prosthetics. (As is the case with the example I did with my mentor.)

My mentor has provided me with the opportunity to do hands on learning with an expert. That is the most important aspect of our relationship, because our face-to-face interaction is something that you can’t get from a YouTube tutorial, or a blog post. The value of having someone with experience with you when you’re completing these looks, who can help you with the little things that will end up making a big difference is incredibly high. And it opens up all sorts of new opportunities for my learning.

One of the things that my mentor and I have discussed at length is taking a trip together to a special effects makeup store downtown so that I can get an idea of prices for supplies, and possibly to purchase some for myself. (As I am still using my mentor’s that she left with me.) We will most likely be planning this trip during our next meeting.

Generally when my mentor and I get together we start by discussing anything that I’ve done since our last meeting. After that we go over the plan for today’s meeting and get started. The rest of our time together is spent just chatting. I am learning that Crystal and I share a lot of the same interests, which is nice because it gives us something to talk about while we’re doing our makeup.

I really appreciate how similarly our minds work. In our mentoring relationship, Crystal and I are often on the same page when it comes to ideas, and I really appreciate the fact that she supports and helps me with all of my wishes and ideas.

I’m looking forward to posting some more looks soon.