My dearest Eli,

I hope this letter finds you in good health,

I myself have been doing fine, only I have been struggling with an idea that has started to blossom in my mind. Hopefully you won’t mind, dear brother, as I would like to confer with you about something that has been bothering me for quite some time now. As you know, since we’ve mentioned it on a few occasions during our last correspondence, trade is at a very high point right now. This is good for us, and it’s certainly bringing in a lot more consumers for my baking. Our shop seems to be doing much better currently and I am pleased to note that we are on the rise. This has brought something to my attention.

Please Eli I implore you, do not speak of this to another soul, I fear that my opinions may be seen as treasonous and I have no desire to come upon harm.

This idea has come to my mind. Since trade is giving us so much money, we have started to move upward along with other people of similar trades. Yet the King has always claimed that God has given him all of his power and riches. It may be true that God has bestowed this gift of riches unto us, but we have seen no proof of that. To be honest, we haven’t seen much proof that King James has any amount of power either…

Regardless of what we’ve always been told, has it occurred to you that The King James may not actually be a deity? Or that he may have not been appointed by God? Please hear me out. You know I have always been a skeptical person, and I want to base any beliefs that I create off of fact. There are three religions in our land, all based off of their own ideas of what “God” wants. Who are we to say that they are wrong? Who are we to say that there is a God. Do you not think that if our Ruler was in possession of immense power from God he would have used by now? To make him more attractive maybe? Or to pull the lower class out of poverty? Or to eradicate the black plague? Yet he hasn’t. Based off of this, the only reason that we should believe that he was chosen by God, is because he says so. And though it is a sin to take our lord’s name in vain, what if we have all been living under a ruse this entire time? What if the king is just an ordinary man, much like yourself? He says God has allowed him to have all these riches, but he is only in power because of the Queen’s death, and now we see that it is possible to obtain wealth from another source.

Please dearest brother, I look forward to your opinions on this topic, as this newfound epiphany leaves me questioning much about our society. I hope to hear from you soon,

Your loving sister,

Rose Hall.