My baby book is a collection of primary sources that make up a secondary source, as it is a photo album. My parents made it when I was around two years old.

When my baby book was being created, I was in the process of growing up. That was the entire reason that this book was created. If I had never been born, the book would never exist.

My baby book has an embroidered cover with my birthdate and birth weight on the front, as well as my first and middle names. The frame of the book is (fake) pewter with fluted corners. The image that the embroidery shows is that of a teddy bear sitting next to a cradle.

My parents who created the book, were new parents at the time, as I was their first child they had never been through this experience before. I am the only one of my sisters with a baby book, however my parents have recreated many of the photographs inside with each of their children. They made this source as a document of my early childhood, both for them and myself. My parents value of memories and stories shows strongly in this book, just because they put effort into creating it.

From examining my book, I can have the opportunity to re-learn things that I have forgotten. I don’t remember when I was that young. This collection of photographs though can help bring things back to me. I can look back and remember things like what the house looked like, what my parents used to look like, what other family members looked like. Those memories can help build an idea of my parents’ experience. These photos can also allow me to infer things about other people’s emotions. As an example, I had a lot of post-natal issues that occurred, and I can see the worry on my dad’s face when he looks at baby me in an incubator.

My parents have always told me stories so the book doesn’t really contradict anything, but it does add value. As a visual learner, seeing photographs can help solidify and add to ideas.

I have questions about why my parents only made a book for me, and why they decided on the design that they did. I want to know more about the creation of this book, because it runs hand in hand with the creation of who I am today.