1. What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions?

I really enjoy being around and talking to my mentor. We have a similar sense of humor and we enjoy a lot of the same things relating to the artistry of makeup. During our meetings, my mentor and I have really “clicked” and turned our mentor/student relationship into a friendship.

  1. What logical challenges affected your communication?

Email will never be the same as talking face to face. Taking time to read and respond to emails individually always feels more like a transaction than a conversation. Related to emails, both of us had a little bit of trouble getting our messages to send. Both of these things impacted the speed that we were able to communicate, as well as the effectiveness of the conversation.

What factors affected your ability to interact effectively

this week my mentor and her family came down with the flu. First it was her daughter and then it was her. This obviously impacted us, as we couldn’t actually meet in person, for fear of her having to exert herself, and myself getting sick. So, we problem solved and over email we brainstormed ideas for what we could do the next time we are able to meet. We sent some photos back and forth and debated some of the different techniques that we would have to start with to get me to that level.

  1. What learning challenges emerged?

A huge challenge that we encountered was that makeup is something that should be done face to face, so talking about it by strictly email took away a lot of the connection that is needed. However, sickness is spontaneous, and I feel that I made the best of a bad situation. Crystal not being there gave me the opportunity to look over the set of skills that I already have and prepare myself with a few experimental technique practices.

What did you do to hold yourselves accountable for the learning?

I do not blame my mentor in any way for not being able to make it a meeting, however I am proud that I managed to turn it into a situation that was beneficial to the both of us. She is recovering quickly, and we have already scheduled our next meeting, where we will actually be creating some art.

Overall I think this week is a generally good lesson and a reminder that things don’t always work perfectly, but it is always better to do something than nothing, we are both looking forward to our next meeting and we will not let one mishap interrupt either of our learning processes.