Over the past week I got the chance to finally met my wonderful mentor Crystal Hutchings, and have the opportunity to discuss my goals in this project with her, with the objective of making some of them goals for the both of us.

Crystal attended Blanche Macdonald, which is a beauty and makeup school, for nine months to become a makeup artist, she is now an insurance broker, but makeup is her dream job and one of her biggest passions. Crystal enjoyed her time at beauty school immensely, but we ended up talking about how difficult it is to create a career in the makeup and beauty industry. She is very excited to get to work with makeup for this project as right now it is mostly something that she does on Halloween. (Very well I might add.)

We discussed the different techniques and types of makeup that has learned how to use and create. She knows how to do bridal, every day, glamour, special effects and horror makeup. She says that horror is her favourite theme, so we will be focusing on that as a baseline for many of my designs.

Over my meeting with my mentor, she taught me a lot of things, the most prominent of which was how important creativity is. Crystal and I talked about how she had assignments where she would have to use things like flowers or candy, and transform them into beautiful pieces of artwork on her face. We shared pictures of different looks that each of us has created and had a really good time looking through them and throwing around ideas.

Crystal is a wonderful person, I just want to put that out there. When I inquired about what supplies I should have to create these special effects, she offered me her entire supply of resources. She basically said that I could use anything I want to practice and get comfortable with the supplies.  Even after that, she gave me a list of places where I could get all of the needed supplies as well as suggestions for specific brands and types.

For this project, I will be needing things like liquid latex, sculpting wax, stippling sponges, spirit gum, spirit gum remover, and carving tools. I really appreciate the opportunity that my mentor has given me to let my creative vision run rampant. If I am ever asked to be a mentor in the future, I will try to incorporate Crystal’s approach as I am finding extremely helpful.

This weeks get together was extremely helpful and I am really looking forward to our next meeting. (Which we already have scheduled.) I am positive that her presence in my learning will make this experience that much more enjoyable. After our next meeting, I will be posting my first looks up on my blog. Until then, I can’t wait for this to play out.