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Month February 2018

Sourcing a significant personal object.

My baby book is a collection of primary sources that make up a secondary source, as it is a photo album. My parents made it when I was around two years old. When my baby book was being created, I… Continue Reading →

historical thinking blog post.

How do we know what we know about the past? People have found many different ways of interpreting and retrieving information from the past. Historians have to search through written accounts, old pictures, artwork, religious texts, physical evidence and more… Continue Reading →

In-depth blog post #3

What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions? I really enjoy being around and talking to my mentor. We have a similar sense of humor and we enjoy a lot of the same things relating to the artistry of makeup…. Continue Reading →

in-depth blog post#2

  Over the past week I got the chance to finally met my wonderful mentor Crystal Hutchings, and have the opportunity to discuss my goals in this project with her, with the objective of making some of them goals for… Continue Reading →

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