For my In-depth project this year I have decided to focus on makeup artistry. I have decided on this topic because it is already a past-time of mine, and something I enjoy playing around with, but I am nowhere near close to as good as I want to be. I enjoy taking my artistry to new levels and continuously challenging myself with new mediums and canvases. This project won’t really be that different, the base of my art will just be my face!

I want to learn more about how I can change what is perceived as beauty in makeup. Often makeup artists’ techniques all end up blending together and becoming one look that they all repeat. Only one look, that has few variations. I want to make it clear that this project is not me trying to learn how to properly apply eyeshadow and highlighter. I want to learn the techniques necessary to effectively use makeup as a medium, just as much as I use paint, to create original designs and images.

My wonderful mentor Crystal Hutchings and I will be working together to develop my skill in horror movie makeup techniques, and then tying in my design ideas, which are often themed around fantasy and literature. As an example, I may learn how to make a bloody illusion of skin ripping, and then recreate it, but instead of blood, the tear shows another scene underneath. Additionally we will be looking into ways to correctly photograph said designs, as making looks show up on camera can require specific lighting and angles. Which I have no idea how to do! 🙂

I am extremely excited to share my progress with my project as it is something that I truly enjoy. I will be blogging weekly, with pictures of looks that I have created. Hopefully this project will allow me to notice more beauty in myself as a person, as I realize what I can do, and how good it can look.

Until then, In-depth…Bring it on!