Part of being in the wonderful program we call TALONS is learning leadership. Over the past week we have been listening to How to be a REAL success by John Maxwell. Now I will be reflecting on what I have learned and how I will apply it in my life.


Relationships: Relationships are important because your connections with people will dictate how you work with them. Nobody ever does anything alone, so having a strong team to back you up and assist you can be vital to your success as a whole.

I will be utilizing my knowledge in relationships everywhere, outside and inside school. Being able to connect with people is a very important skill regardless of profession.

Equipping: People often say: “Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day, but teach a person to fish and they will eat for a lifetime.” And the same is true with ability. If you just do all the wok for someone without showing them how, then that benefits no one. You’ll have to do it again next time, and they’ll be left feeling helpless.

I will utilize the lessons on equipping in group projects. I have been known to take on a lot more than I should, and I would like to work against that.

Attitude: Your attitude is what people first notice about you, therefore it is important that it doesn’t cause something harmful. Your attitude is a choice and bringing pessimistic views and opinions into your workplace doesn’t just affect you. Choosing your attitude is like vaccinating in a way. If you choose not to vaccinate yourself and to take the risk of getting sick, that isn’t all you’re doing. You are risking other people as well by breaking the chain of herd immunity. The same is true with attitude, it only takes one person to take down all of the positivity and productiveness in a workspace.

I will be utilizing the attitude lessons by controlling my temper and continuing to try to stay positive and make others happy.

Leadership: Leadership is what will get you through life. People need leaders and it is very important that you can step up, take charge, and lead for yourself and the people around you. Having good leadership skills is a culmination of all the previous abilities. A captain always goes down with their ship, and an inefficient leader can cause the whole team to drown

I will be utilizing leadership everywhere in my life. It is an essential skill in being successful.

There you have it. How to be a R.E.A.L. success.