What makes an effective and persuasive advertisement?

With my grade 9 zip project, I aim to answer this question. I enjoy looking into psychology and how people react to different situations. The point of an advertisement is  to convince the audience to buy or want something, I want to look into the specific tactics that advertisers use when doing this.

To be honest I don’t know much about advertising, however I have done multiple research projects on human perception. From those I have learned how to control experiments  effectively and to take into account that everyone’s brain is different. Luckily, that’s what makes it so interesting!

By the end of this project I want to have improved my time management skills. As well, I would like to widen my own perspective on the advertising world so that I am better equipped for the future.

During my project I will be looking for support from multiple different sources, including but not limited to: My father, who works in advertising, My mother who has a degree in psychology, any of my teachers who are willing, as they are valuable resources. As well as my friends and peers.

Other resources that I will be using will be the internet, specifically advertising lessons and scientific journal entries.

I plan on presenting my research in the form of a PowerPoint, including some of the most prominent strategies used by mainstream companies. I plan to attempt to create my own persuasive advertisement using the strategies I learn about.

Tentative schedule: 

Dec.  7-12 = research and studying.

Dec. 12-15 = reviewing and drafting information

Dec.  15-22 = creating presentation.