While I was studying Dr. Brian May I came across his Charity. Dr. May himself has said that himself that He would rather be remembered for his work with charity than his music, and that is big praise, coming from one of the biggest rock stars of his time. I decided to look further into what he is so passionate about.

His charity, the Save Me trust was founded in 2009 to defend animal’s rights in the UK. Now the organization spans many different issues, such as Fox Hunting, Badger culling, woodland restoration, puppy farming, the ivory trade, herd immunity, the decline in hedgehog population, canned hunting of lions in Africa and so much more.

All of these issues are extremely important. If they interest you, please take a look at my eminent bibliography for the link so you can learn more.

I have decided to take a bit of a closer look at one of the leading causes that Save Me works to solve. Fox hunting.

Fox hunting is very popular in the UK. The idea is to send hunting dogs and birds of prey after foxes, both in their dens and their territories. Sometimes these hunts target baby foxes, or kits. The dogs are sent into burrows to drag out young foxes who can’t defend themselves. Often hunters will try to use chemical gases to drive the foxes out of their homes only to walk directly into the hunting party’s jaws.

This barbaric activity is considered a sport, and is still widely accepted.

Hopefully not for long.

One of the most promising is something called drag hunting. Originally developed in the 1800’s to test dogs’ intelligence and speed. Where a pack of dogs (usually bloodhounds) track a human’s scent trail rather than an animal’s. There is still the thrill of the hunt, the only difference is that there isn’t a dead animal at the end.

This movement is currently on the rise and it alone would make an incredible impact on foxes’ lives.

If anything in this document interests you, please visit the Save Me trust’s website to learn more.

Thank you for reading. Cheers!