What follows is a list of the main sources I used for my grade 9 eminent project on Dr. Brian May



This is Brian’s website/blog. I used his numerous blog posts to get an idea of his everyday life and side interests. Everything on it is written by him and is one of the few websites not dominated by Queen news. It was also where I found Dr. May’s P.O box, which was one of my means of contacting him. (which unfortunately didn’t work out) 🙁



This site was very helpful because it gives a concise and clear overview of most of the main events in Brian’s life. This gave me a good idea of which events to expand on.



This is Dr. May’s charity. The save me trust. Here is where I learned about all of their endeavors in the animal world. Brian has said in multiple interviews that he would rather be remembered for his charity work than his music. So, it is essential that you learn about his efforts or you will be missing a huge part of his life.



Here is the main book that I used for research. The book itself is beautiful, including photo collages of album covers and ticket stubs, as well as tour dates and stories and anecdotes from the band members themselves as well as other prominent musicians surrounding Queen. Better yet, the book has sections about each of the individual members. One of the most difficult parts of researching Dr. May was the fact that a lot of the information about Queen surrounds the late Freddie Mercury. So this book was extremely helpful.



This site goes into more depth about the New Horizons Pluto mission, which May was a part of. This was the basis of the majority of my research into Brian’s science career.


There were many more websites and books that I used, but these were the ones that I found the most useful.