– I run yet another systems check backstage. This is the first time that they will be playing this venue. Back here it’s a blur of activity.

-The air smells of cigarette smoke and leather, and there are people everywhere. We hear footsteps and the door to the dressing rooms open. 3 figures stand before us, dressed to the nines. The group looks around briefly before going their different directions. Roger moves to his drum-set and John grabs his bass from an attendant.

-The most brightly dressed of the three storms out of the entryway shouting dramatically at his roadie. Poor Paul, being assigned to the incomparable Freddie Mercury couldn’t be easy. I had been assigned a much more laid back member of the band, and was eternally grateful.



-Speaking of which, Where was he? usually he was with the others, checking with everyone to make sure all systems were up and running. A few minutes later I start to feel worried. I ask around

Rising action 1:

I talk to a supervisor and walk off in search of him. He’s not in his dressing room. Not in the washroom, He never smoked so he wouldn’t be out back.

Then I hear the twang of a guitar string. Then another. I follow the sound until I come to one of the music storage rooms. I open the door to find Brian sitting over to the side, tuning his famous “Red special” electric guitar.

Ignoring the tuner next to him. He turns the homemade tuning knobs, letting the notes rebound around the room. It seems almost criminal to interrupt him, however its almost time for him to go onstage. He is supposed to open the show!

Rising action 2:

“Brian, they’re waiting for you.” I say, his head whips up, I’ve surprised him. “Oh yes, thank you” He hurries to his feet and rushes out of the door.

-We return to the wings to see Freddie draped over a couch, with the other members surrounding him. When Freddie sees him he sits up excitedly “Brian! we were wondering where you were!” the shows about to start.

Rising action 3:

-Brian looks down at his guitar and breathes. He has done this a hundred times, but why?

(internal conflict)

-He left his degree for this! “How’s the crowd?” “They’re excited,” I say. That’s an understatement, they are practically insane. Can’t he hear the deafening screams from outside? Just then, the announcer yells out to everyone. “Ok people, it’s Showtime!  May, to the wings. (Brian says something about “the show must go on.)


-Brian steps out onstage through the thick fog of the smoke machine and the crowd goes crazy. The lights reflect off of his glittering jacket, and he takes a second to look out at the crowd. Then he hits the first power chord and the stage explodes with lights. Its surreal seeing this. This is where he needs to be. Performing is part of him now. He lives out on the stage. Seeing the fan’s happiness is what drives him forward, show after show.

Falling action: Too soon his solo is finished. John and Roger move onto the stage. Soon followed by Freddie. They play song after song, filling the darkness with music. Through all of it, Brian’s guitar can be heard. They perform like a family who would’ve thought that these kids could make such an impact. 

Resolution: forty-seven years later…

“Brian?” He turned towards me, “Its almost time for stage.” “Thank you,” he said strolling past me happily. We arrived in the wings. This time their was no Freddie draped over a couch, there was no john tuning his bass. Roger still sat by the drums in the corner, chatting with their newest addition, Adam Lambert. The supervisors tell us to move to our positions. The crowd starts to cheer. I watch Brian as he walks onstage to stand behind the backdrop. He is so different, yet still the same. He now has an impressive phd in astrophysics, his own guitar company and his own charity. He is a father of three, He’s released books and received many awards, and here he stands, still the same wild hair,(though now its grey.), Still holding the same guitar that he built all those years ago. Still buzzing with the same excitement.

The backdrop raises and the band comes to life, and right at the front, at age 70, stands Dr. Brian May. A Rockstar, who changed music forever.

Character: stage crew member on queen tour.