The lights dim, and a hush falls over the crowd. There is a moment of silence and then a few opening notes hum through the air. Cheers erupt, as Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor appear from the depths of the special effects fog. Taylor’s drums like a heartbeat in the deafening stadium, Deacon’s bass filling the air with an electric charge, May’s red guitar plucks out the beginning of “Hammer to Fall” and the crowd goes insane. Brian steps back, his solo over, and suddenly an explosively energetic deity bounds onto the stage. Freddie Mercury swings his cutoff microphone and screams the opening lyrics out at the audience

“Yeah! Here we stand or here we fall!”

The show begins, a spectacle of leather, rock music, obscenities, glitter, and smoke. It is exhilarating. A night to remember. By the legendary rock band Queen.


This year for my TALONS 9 eminent project, I have chosen Dr. Brian May. I first became familiar with him when my parents showed me Queen’s song, “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Earlier this year I went to a Queen concert, and my sister and I were some of the few youth I saw. Queen was/is an incredibly talented group and I believe that they deserve to be remembered by everyone.


I selected Dr. Brian May for a number of reasons. The first being that I’m a huge Admirer of Queen’s music. I knew I wanted to do someone from Queen and I was drawn to May because I felt the most connected to him. Brian May is often remembered for just his music but he has done so much more that often isn’t recognized. Such as the fact that he has a PhD in Astrophysics, (Hence the Dr.). As well as his roles in activism against the hunting of badgers and foxes in England.

I don’t necessarily feel that I will follow the life path of a famous Rockstar, however some of his side projects do interest me. Such as a career in science, and side work in raising awareness. I’ve always loved science, specifically anything related to the environment. I also always knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world, and environmental science seems like the perfect solution

Achieving eminence in a STEM career and life in general has many obstacles, but my study of Brian May will help me overcome a few such as:

-Reminding me that anyone can do anything

-Making sure to not let what you love become a task. Keep it as something you enjoy doing

-Be yourself

Here are a few similarities and differences between us.

Dr. Brian May Leah Egery-Haley
Agnostic Atheist
Is very scientifically oriented Is very scientifically oriented
Is a musical person Is a musical person
Vegetarian Pescatarian
Born in Britain Born in Canada
Has suffered a great loss (Freddie Mercury and his Father) Has not suffered a great loss
Enjoys singing Enjoys singing
Identifies as male Identifies as female
Fights for causes he cares about Fights for causes she cares about
Caucasian Caucasian


I will address differences with an open mind. While I could have picked another person, I didn’t want to, and I won’t let any conflicting facts get in the way of a great project. I won’t allow a difference to become a barrier, as we’re all human, and I don’t see any reason that someone’s religious faith, gender, etc. Would be something that prevents me from admiring them and informing others about them.

I intend to learn more about Brian May’s significance as himself, simply because most things that people know about him are collective stories of Queen and not as much has been done on the specific members. I want to learn more about who he is as a person rather than just a Rock and Roll idol.

This project itself will require a lot of organization and time management, both of which are goals on my IEP.brian-may-1


Dr. Brian May in 3,2,1…

Don’t stop me now.