In the story Sam tells a lie that appears to “save” his family. His mother seems less stressed, her dad seems happier, and his dog is all better. What we don’t see however, is the aftermath of his lie. He and his family are going to receive some very heavy backlash from their community when they become aware of what Sam has done. Whether it was an accident or not, he told his entire town that his father was dying and then failed to come clean as well as using this lie to exploit other people emotionally. His parents (Specifically Morley) made some comments that were horribly misinterpreted. Sam will eventually have to deal with the consequences, even if he tries to play it off as nothing. Due to this fact, I don’t think that Sam’s lie was worth it. His family may be happy right now, but that will change, and for what? Free ice cream? No. This lie will result in a negative impact for Sam and his community.